"I feel so lucky and blessed to have met Brian last year. Shortly after meeting him I felt very confident that recording my new EP would be nothing less than the best. In a year I have worked on two projects with him. He is great at taking ideas that are only half way completed and finishing them with magic. I am so grateful for the work that has been achieved at Monster Studios and I can't wait to add more to my catalog. Great producer, Engineer, musician, friend, and a very hard worker. Much Love!"

Trista Mabry



I have worked with many, many people here in Nashville. All I can say is that I feel so lucky and blessed to have met Brian Irwin. He has the magical ability to take random ideas and thoughts and mold them into something concrete and beautiful. He coaxes the best out of every artist he works with and creates something they can walk out of the door with and be proud of. A sound that they feel reflects who they are as an artist. The music that they hear in their heads. I have worked on both a solo and band project with Brian an the results have been stunning....and the reactions from fans couldn't be any more complimentary. Above all, he is a consummate professional who won't be Nashville's best kept secret for long.

Andrea Young



I started writing with Brian last summer with another friend of ours, Jasin Todd, from Shinedown. We would record all of our demos the day we wrote the song and then plan to go back to record the final tracks only to realize that the first recordings could not be topped. Brian is a genius at what he does and I always learn something new when I go over there. I can honestly say that after working and interning at a few studios on Music Row, recording at Brian's is one of the best studio experiences I have ever had. He is so comfortable to work with and the studio atmosphere makes you feel at home. I would definitely recommend Brian to anyone that is looking to record.

Madison Welsley



I can't say enough good things about Brian Irwin...on the technical side, he is truly a Pro Tools wiz. Brian is extremely efficient behind the board and has a wide range of excellent gear at his fingertips. On the creative side, his suggestions and advice on arrangements, insturmentation, etc. reallly took our recordings to the next level. In addition to his professionalism, he is just really fun to hang out with and an overall great guy. Funny as hell, too! Highly reccomended!

Will Stewart



This is going to sound corny but working with Brian Irwin at Monster Studios in Nashville, TN has been a dream come true. I couldn't have asked for a cooler, stress free, near magical experience! At the recommendation of a mutual friend, listening to his work and from other superb testimonials, I took the leap and flew from LA to Nashville to knock out my first EP over a five day stretch. Not only is the studio top notch and super comfortable, being able to record live analog into digital was something I was hoping for and he was a pro at getting the best sound and performance out of myself and all of the musicians involved, which by the way he hand picked and they were phenomenal. That said, he has access to some of the best musicians in town and we all had a blast. If you want to be in a creative space where the folks there are in it for more than just the dough, this is the place. No pretensions and a lot of love. Not to mention there are 18 incredible trees on the property! It's extremely beautiful and peaceful - the ideal setting to cut a record. In my opinion, Brian Irwin is a super cool, down to earth, crazy smart, gifted and well seasoned (and inhumanly humble) musician, producer, engineer and post production whiz. Nicest guy you'll ever meet and fun to work with.

From the pre-production and planning to the post-production and mastering, he afforded me the patience and support to help me create with ease while at the same time maintaining a super professional environment and is no nonsense when it comes to getting the job done - on time. He's also very keen on what the music calls for in any given situation and as a producer is very open to and invites direction and isn't at all an ego tripper like so many musicians and producers can be....I'm just sayin'. As a recording engineer, he's super knowledgable, which allowed us to get a lot of work done effortlessly in a short amount of time. The sound quality on my album is crystal clear, warm and turned out even more incredible than I could have imagined. As a first time recording artist, I feel really lucky to have had him as my guide on this project. It was really important for him to know that I left with something I loved and was happy with. I feel this is a unique quality for someone in his position to hold and it made things all the more inspiring to feel that kind of support, right to the end when I was emailing him notes from LA and he was right there with me til I gave him the final green light. Did I mention that his rates are exceptionally reasonable for the quality that he delivers?! That said - I highly recommend any artist fly in from anywhere on the planet to record in this incredible space with this super gifted man. I certainly hope to be able to do it again soon. Kudos!

Mataji Booker



If you're looking for a top-quality well-produced CD, you need to work with Brian! He makes you feel at home and allows you to create and record in a wonderful environment. He gives constructive feedback and always gives you the final say on the finishing touches. I plan on recording and working with Brian for many more projects to come!
Brian is talented, patient, has a great sense of humor, and he really knows how to cook too!!
He is trustworthy, encouraging, optimistic and fair.
Being a girl in the music industry isn't always easy. I would recommend working with Brian because he makes you feel comfortable and is very respectful of your needs without any phony or off-side crap!
Looking to create a hit!! Brian Irwin is the way to go!

Laura Palumbo



Brian Irwin is a genius. Seriously. My experience working with him on my most recent album was amazing. He can play just about anything and he makes a superior sound and product. I can't wait to do the next one with him.

India Ramey



Brian is a total professional, very experienced, gets very involved/interested in your project and never makes you feel rushed. He has great ideas, and also is willing to consider any ideas you might have no matter how "out there" the idea might be. As short or as long as it takes, he is committed to doing it right.

Michael Roscoe



Working with Brian is a pleasure because not only does he have a great ear, gets great sounds, and is a great musician himself, but he comes up with really good ideas. I've worked with a lot of producers but Brian is easily one of my favorites to work with because he'll be honest if a performance isn't all it should be, and he knows what to do to get great performances out of his clients.
Your mileage may vary, but I can't think of anyone I'd rather work with.

Adam James



I heard about Brian Irwin through a band called Just off Turner. When I heard Just off turner's CD "the long way back" the first I wanted to know is Who is the Producer? It turned out it was Brian Irwin. I decided to go with him as a producer and he was fantastic to work with. Not only is he a genius at pro tools, he is also a great engineer, producer, and musician. I highly recommend him. Thanks Brian!!!

George M.



When I got home and had some time to listen to the track Brian and I did, it brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad I found him. Cool guy. Total Pro! The best money I've spent on a recording thus far and I'll be back for sure!!

Miles Branch



Brian Irwin is Amazing! We were new to Nashville and looking for someone to produce our daughter's music. We worked with several people but hadn't found the right fit. We met Brian and could not be happier with the level of services and level of professionalism. Brian is attentive to detail and makes sure that the whole experience is easy. I like that he works well with the artist to make sure it turns out the way they wanted it or heard it in their head. We started working with Brian on a few small projects and now collaborate with him on everything we do from demos to full production. We consider Brian to be a truly talented and gifted producer. We like the fact that he has an extensive history as a musician and songwriter. He really understands what he is doing and that translates into a great product. If you are thinking of working with Brian you should jump at it and give him a call--you won't be disappointed.

Keith Barton



I would highly recommend Brian Irwin for any of your recording needs in NASHVILLE! He's very laid back and easy to work with and his studio is very welcoming. He’s a great engineer who is extremely efficient with pro-tools. Brian is also a very talented musician with a great ear for arrangement and production. He can play anything from drums, guitar, bass,
to banjo and can even pitch in on any vocals and harmonies needed. He’ll give 110% during your session and patiently work with you until you are happy with the end result. It was a pleasure and privilege to work with Brian and I’ll definitely go to him in Nashville for any future recording!

Amanda Amaru



Brian and I recorded an eight song album over 3 months. Working with him was so easy, relaxed, and comfortable, unlike like any other studio experience I've had! He really takes the time to make sure it sounds right and it's what you want. To him, it's about the end product, not an hourly rate, which is why he charges per song. Not only that, but Brian is connected to some of the best musicians in Nashville (therefore, best in the world) and made my album sound like I spend $50K! I couldn't be more pleased and would definitely recommend him!

Carolyn Mescher