Monster Studios

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Monster Studios is owned and operated by Brian Irwin. Originally from Vancouver Canada, he moved to Nashville in 2012 after ten years as a music producer in Los Angeles. His recordings have been released on major labels, Atlantic and Universal as well as countless independent releases. Brian has over 35 years experience as a professional drummer, guitar, bass, keyboard and banjo player. As a writer and singer himself he is sensitive to the needs of the artist's vision. He is equally at home providing instrumentation for a solo artist as he is coaxing the best possible performance out of a band

At Monster Studios real instruments are played and real performances are captured. Drums are played by drummers playing drums. Cellos are played by cellists playing cello etc..... Sounds are not triggered by a midi controller, they are created by artists. Nowadays that is an old fashioned way of recording but real people playing real instruments together creates a feel and vibe that cannot be programmed. We don't crank out demos here. We make records.

The Property

Monster Studios is located on an idyllic 3/4 acre lot in East Nashville next to the Cumberland river. It was completed in 2013 using state of the art acoustic construction materials. It has a kitchen and a full bath and the adjacent house can sleep five people comfortably. If you are an artist from out of town who wants to make Nashville a recording destination, accommodations on the property can be arranged.

Gear List

Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul, Fender Precision Bass, 1962 Vibro Champ (The Hit Maker), Hot Rod Deluxe 1x12, 1953 Guya-Tone arch-top, several acoustic guitars

1973 Fender Rhodes electric piano

1970's Gretsch birch 5 piece kit, 1960 Tama 4 piece kit, Hollywood Custom "John Bonham" kit

32 channel class A recording console API clone Yamaha 1532

DBX 160X vintage compressors (2)

Aphex Expressor compressors (2)

BSS 402 dual channel compressor/limiter

ART Pro VLA 2 dual channel tube compressor

C 12 tube mic

Rode NT1 mic (2)

Rode NT5 mic (3)

EV ND 868 mic

Sennheiser E906 mic (2)

Sennheiser E904 mic (2)

Shure SM 91

Shure SM 57 (3)

Shure SM 58

MCA SP1 (2)

MXL 99 (2)

A banjo. That's right, a 5 string banjo. And I play it like a real banjo player. It is not a "ganjo"